Outdoor Location or In Home Studio


Retouched, artist enhanced and bonded to artist canvas http://frankkliewer.com/wp-login.php?redirect_to=https://frankkliewer.com/live-your-dream-along-the-right-path/ websites with brush strokes added creating

a beautiful painting-like image.




Thank you for selecting the artist in me to create the art in your portrait.  I give you my guarantee you must absolutely love your portrait or I will refund your money with no questions asked.  My intention with this offer is to create patrons who will support my photography on an ongoing basis.  The only way that will occur is if you are happy with my work, as this offer does not include my time or effort. The Groupon offer is my sitting fee and also includes a 60% discount on my Premier Portraits.

 Thank you for this opportunity sincerely, JD Douglas


Session Fee   $150

Low-Resolution Image on CD included with purchase of any Premier Portraits.

High-Resolution Images available on CD $90.00 per Image.

Traditional Portraits available with the purchase of a Premier Portrait.

               Premier Portraits 

30 x 40


24 x 30


20 x 24


16 x 20

$ 940.00

11 x 14

$ 385.00

114 115
211 212
 314  315

                                                                                                    Traditional and Contemporary Frames Available